SWIG Calling Script Language Functions (Lua, specifically)

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SWIG Calling Script Language Functions (Lua, specifically)

Eddie Parker-2

I hadn't considered this, but I saw a post somewhere that SWIG is a good
alternative to binding C++ to Lua, versus luabind and tolua.  I've given
this a try, and it does indeed seem easy to have Lua code access my C++

My question however, is whether it's possible to call Lua functions from
C++.  Specifically to call them and pass them C++ objects, and have SWIG
set the appropriate metatable while they transition.  This is important,
especially if it can handle not only copy-by-value, but also by reference.

Anyhow, in reading the documentation, I couldn't find anything of the
sort mentioned, and I'm curious if I'm missing something, or if anyone
could give me a brief synopsis as to how I could achieve this using
SWIG.  If I *have* missed some piece of documentation, feel free to
scold me, but I'd still appreciate a pointer as to where to look!

Thanks in advance!


P.S.  If you could please CC me should you reply, as I don't subscribe
to this mailing list, that would be appreciated. :)

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