Problems getting SWIG to make %array_class methods show up in the correct Java package.

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Problems getting SWIG to make %array_class methods show up in the correct Java package.

Jimi Damon

I have a top level module called Foo;

%module Foo


I want to use %array_class () to create an array of doubles.  The problem I have is that the methods do not show up inside of my java package  Foo;  

Instead what I keep seeing when compiling is error: type doublearray is not a member of object Foo (for the code )

/* Inside */
import Foo.*;

doublearray ary = new Foo.doublearray(10) ;  // Fails
// or
doublearray ary = new doublearray(10) ; //succeeds

My code instead has to refer to the doublearray without the Foo.  prefix. I would prefer to require the namespace Foo
 in order to access this doublearray type so it doesn't pollute the main program namespace.

I tried experimenting with %nspace(Foo) before the definition of %array_class(double,doublearray) but this had no effect.

Thanks for any suggestions on how to fix this.


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