Deleting C++ instances from TCL

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Deleting C++ instances from TCL

Lasby, John

I am using Swig (1.3.27) to create, use, and delete C++ objects from TCL.


set newobj [new_MyClass]

set result [MyClass_DoSomething $newobj]

delete_MyClass $newobj


I put the code above in a TCL loop to do some testing and discovered something that I don’t understand.  If I run the code above in a loop, the TCL shell crashes after several loops.  Now, if I change the last line to…


$newobj –delete


…then I don’t get the crash.   If a C++ object is created from TCL, do I have to use the “$newobj –delete” way of garbage collecting it?   I don’t understand why there is a difference between “delete_MyObject $newobj” and “$newobj –delete”.


Thanks in advance for any help with this.