C++ Shared Pointers with SWIG Directors

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C++ Shared Pointers with SWIG Directors

Robert Breckner

I have an issue where I am using SWIG to generate a director that uses a C++ std::shared_ptr.  That object is then registered into a boost::signal (on the C++ native side) which uses weak pointer references and converts those to strong references on firing of the signal to each slot.  The problem I have run across is a) the boost::signal adds a strong reference to the shared_ptr but has not fired the signal on the Java object b) The java object is garbage collected and the C++ shared pointer is released c) the boost::signal invokes the signal on the slot using the shared_ptr it has added a strong reference to but the Java side finalize() method has completed rendering the Java object invalid d) this results in a Java exception for a null object.

My question is, are there any recommended best practices, generation options to deal with this issue?  I have looked through the mailing lists and found a few references indicating the two object life cycles need to stay in sync which I understand.


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