Assigning shared pointer reference from C#

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Assigning shared pointer reference from C#


Hi all,


I’m trying to initialize, in C++,  a reference to a boost shared pointer passed from C#, while trying to maintain the inheritance tree.


Here’s my C++ test case (in file SwigTest.h) :


#include <string>

#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>


template<class T>

using SRef = boost::shared_ptr<T>;


class FactoryClass



                FactoryClass() {}

                ~FactoryClass() {}


                //Normally I would only like to use the return value, but SWIG uses polymorphism to simulate templates

//and polymorphism on the return type only is not supported by C#. (I get a Identifier 'getReference' redefined error on SwigTest.i compilation).

                //So I thought I’d pass the SRef& as a parameter instead of having no parameters at all.

                template <class  T>

                static SRef<T> getReference( SRef<T>& inout ) { inout = SRef<T>( new T(1) ); return inout; }


                void testing( int& toto ) {};



class BaseClass



                BaseClass() { m_flag = -1; };

                BaseClass(int i) { m_flag = i; };

                virtual ~BaseClass() {};


                virtual std::string getName() = 0;


                int m_flag;



class FirstClass : public BaseClass



                FirstClass() {};

                FirstClass(int i) : BaseClass( i ) {};

                virtual ~FirstClass() {};


                virtual std::string getName() { return "First Class"; };



class SecondClass : public BaseClass



                SecondClass() {};

                SecondClass(int i) : BaseClass( i ) {};

                virtual ~SecondClass() {};


                virtual std::string getName() { return "Second Class"; };




Here’s my current SWIG interface file :


%module SwigTest

%include "std_string.i"

%include "boost_shared_ptr.i"



#include "../include/SwigTest.h"



%shared_ptr( BaseClass );

%shared_ptr( FirstClass );

%shared_ptr( SecondClass );


%include "../include/SwigTest.h"


%template(BoostBasePtr) boost::shared_ptr<BaseClass>;

%template(SharedBase) SRef<BaseClass>;


%template(BoostFirstPtr) boost::shared_ptr<FirstClass>;




%template(BoostSecondPtr) boost::shared_ptr<SecondClass>;






And here’s what works and doesn’t in C# :


public class SwigInterface


private FirstClass m_first;

private SecondClass m_second = new SecondClass(-2);


void TestSwig ()


m_first = FactoryClass.getReference( m_first ); //The returned reference is copied from C++

                                FactoryClass.getReference( m_second ); //m_second is never changed


                                FirstClass anotherFirst = new FirstClass(-1) ;

BaseClass bc = FactoryClass.getReference( anotherFirst); //bc does equal the new instance of FirstClass but anotherFirst is not correctly replaced


//This is the case I would ideally want to use

SecondClass nothing ;

FactoryClass.getReference( nothing ) ; //NullReferenceException (because the SWIG generated interface uses nothing.CPtr() to pass by pointer as it does with all refs).





I tried a lot of %typename gymnastics to replace the signature of FactoryClass.getReference( FirstClass ) with FactoryClass.getReference( out FirstClass ) (or even ref FirstClass) but I can’t find a way to do it properly.


Any help, feedback, or even confirmation that this is not possible, is welcome.


Thank you,




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