Accessing module name in .i file (for Python)?

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Accessing module name in .i file (for Python)?

Jim Crowell-2

I'm working on Python bindings for a module named PySZG. One of my
co-developers has embedded some Python code, for example:

%pythoncode {
    # __setstate__ recreates an object from its pickled state
    def __setstate__(self,t):
        _swig_setattr(self, arMesh, 'this',
        _swig_setattr(self, arMesh, 'thisown', 1)

I want to be able to specify an alternate module name on the command
line. Is there a pre-processor variable containing the name of the
module I can substitute for the explicit '_PySZG' here, or is there a
better way to do this?

-Jim C.

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